Cover Photo: Remodelista

Looking to elevate your home décor, but working on a budget? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a handful of tips and tricks for achieving high-end appeal without breaking the bank or starting over.




Any interior designer will undoubtedly agree that lighting (or purposeful lack thereof) is of utmost importance. Choose lighting fixtures that are visually interesting – perhaps a unique shape, varying heights, or that use a mix of textures/materials. And it’s perfectly fine, in fact recommended, to have multiple light sources in spaces where natural light is not the primary focus. Get creative with the use of not only chandeliers or ceiling lights, but sconces, up-lighting, under cabinet lighting, and art or picture lights.




Gold instantly elevates a space and screams expensive. Incorporate this posh metallic into accessories, picture/art frames, lighting, hardware, or mirrors. Metallics, particularly gold, reflect light in a way that adds subtle glamour to any room.




Not sure what to do with a plain white wall? Hardware stores will generally carry a wide assortment of moldings. This is a great way to create an accent wall – whether you choose to paint it a bold color or not. You’ll likely recall seeing molding and trims within the last luxury hotel you visited… be inspired and make it your own.




Mirrors, as we all know, instantly make a room look bigger. Beyond that, they create dimension and a sense of sophistication that no other home accessory can do. Try a mix of styles within your home, from floor mirrors to lean against a wall, to varied sizes to layer on your mantle, or on a smaller scale, mirrored accessories like trays.




Choosing neutrals for your anchor furniture will instantly make any room look high-end. Mixed with gold accents as we noted above is even better. Furnishings are expensive as it is, so a neutral color palette will not only embody luxury, but will be timeless in design. And if you like bold color, not to worry as you can always swap out accessories like throw pillows, drapes, artwork, etc. for hues that suit your vibe. Or use a contrast color of choice for your walls or accent chairs. There are numerous ways to infuse color back into a space.




Allow the eye to focus on your décor and all the hard work you put into it. Trinkets, stacks of paperwork, and other clutter distract from a space. Instead of creating an inviting atmosphere, they can make one feel anxious. Clean surfaces and spaces put the spotlight on key pieces in the room, instantly increasing the posh-factor.




Typically luxury homes and resorts have high ceilings and large windows, letting in a ton of natural light. An easy way to achieve the look is simply to choose drapery that goes from the ceiling all the way to the ground. You want to make sure the hardware is as close to the ceiling as you can get, and that the drapes either touch the floor or have a 1-2” puddle. This hack, much like mirrors, will make a room seem larger and create drama.