Life Hacks from Your 20s That Just Make Sense

Author: Amy Devan


Your 20s are one of the most defining chapters in life. Your 30s (and beyond) are for realizing the lessons you didn’t necessarily see before even though they were staring at you square in the face.

I often reflect back on those early lessons – but now, from a place of self-understanding and growth. Maybe they’ll resonate with you, and perhaps you’ll think of additional little nuggets of wisdom too (if so, please share)!

In no particular order…




Sometimes I struggle with this one, but it’s a great way to instantly shift the energy of the day. Positive affirmations don’t necessarily mean reminding yourself of an accomplishment or manifesting a dream into reality (though they can). Instead, this practice can be as simple as changing your word choice.

For example, like many, the first thing I do most mornings is grab my phone and start anxiously looking through emails, messages and social media. It’s that feeling of not wanting to miss a beat (even while sleeping). Perhaps we’re wired to think we are obligated to do everything on our plate – “I have to check my email…I have to finish a project…etc.”

If I think back to my 20s, my behavior and everything I did was a choice rooted in fun. It’s innately a carefree decade that’s selfish in a good way. Today, I consciously try to apply that same perspective to the things on my to-do list. Try replacing “having” to do something with “wanting” to. I’ve noticed this simple mindset shift instantly lightens the load.




I believe women are natural born multi-taskers and fire-fixers. And somehow as we get older, our plate gets fuller and time becomes fleeting – yet, we figure out a way to juggle it all.  We may lose sleep, not get to wash our hair, or have endless running to-do lists, multiple alarms, but somehow – and sometimes by the universe’s magic — it all gets done.

Though our 20s are generally less hectic than later in life, self-care seemed to have a higher seat on the priority list then (at least for me). Nurturing your soul doesn’t have to be time consuming. Try to incorporate these small actions in to your daily routine instead:

  • Start the morning with hot water and lemon
  • Carve out 15 minutes at some point in the day totally unplugged and dare I say, doing absolutely nothing… allow your mind to re-set. Spending those 15 minutes outside in the fresh air is even better
  • Listen to an interesting podcast while you’re driving or doing something around the house
  • Plan to wake up and go to sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual




If you’re like me, in my younger years, quantity over quality was the theme when it came to my inner circle. The more friends the merrier, right? Life has a funny way of showing us that among that huge network are a few solid “soldiers” as my husband says. They’re the rocks, the constants, and the ones celebrating your highs and supporting you through your lows.

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in the power of networking and letting new people in to your life and heart. But overtime, I’ve understood that sometimes people (just like situations) are meant to be part of a season in your life. When that season ends, those relationships may as well – or they may take a break and come back to you in a future chapter. Be OK with that.