6 BUSINESS PODCASTS to Listen to Now

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Billionaire and business mastermind, Warren Buffet, said it best “…there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.” No argument there – as an entrepreneur, you are your biggest asset, so why not dedicate time to personal growth?

Today’s digital world makes it even easier. Information is available at the click of a button, and what makes it even sweeter is a lot of it is 100% free. In seconds (and with WiFi), we all have access to everything from how to build a business plan, to marketing and strategy, to booking your first client, the list goes on. It’s no new phenomenon that podcasts have become one of the leading sources for knowledge, not to mention, one of the fastest. Now is the time to tune in!

Whether you’re thinking to start a business or maybe you’re looking to take your existing business to the next level, this feature is for you.  Below are 6 podcasts currently on rotation for us – listen in and subscribe to the one(s) that resonate best with you.


How I Built This


OVERVIEW: Produced by NPR (National Public Radio), this US podcast is hosted by Guy Raz and welcomes iconic business gurus such as La Colombe Coffee Roasters’ founders, Todd Carmichael and J.P. Iberti, and Sarah Blakely, Founder of Spanx as its guests.

The show discusses peaks and valleys each guest entrepreneur encountered while building their empire, and the lessons that came along the way.

TIME COMMITMENT: 30 minutes on average, with some closer to 1 hour (but worth every second)

EPISODE(S) TO CATCH: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics: Bobbi Brown // Class Pass: Payal Kadakia


Brown Ambition


OVERVIEW: Personal and business finance experts, Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche, discuss investing, real day-to-day employer and employee issues, common money questions, and so much more on this insightful podcast. Both founders are women of color, offering a familiar perspective to countless others across the country looking to make their business dreams a reality. Each of these powerhouses in their own right draw from their personal experiences, making this a highly relatable show to tune in to – Ms. Woodruff has enjoyed a career in finance at some of the top companies in the world, including Business Insider and Yahoo Finance; and Ms. Aliche (known as “The Budgetnista” is the founder of the Live Richer Challenge and Dream Catchers and is a bestselling author to top it off.

TIME COMMITMENT: 1 hour on average (great for long commutes or morning walk/runs)

EPISODE(S) TO CATCH: Real Money Answers for Everyday Women




OVERVIEW: Hosted by world renowned “brain expert,” Jim Kwik, this podcast offers easy to follow mind exercises to think smarter and faster. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to enjoy Kwik Brain – it appeals to everyone. The show, featured by Forbes, Inc., Fast Money and the like, makes training your brain fun. In his childhood, Mr. Kwik suffered from a brain injury that forced him to think (pun intended) of ways to improve his mental capabilities. Kwik Brain covers some of those early techniques as well as countless others he developed over time – they’re each presented in an easy to follow format, and are designed to improve memory and overall brain performance. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

TIME COMMITMENT:  15-20 minutes on average

EPISODE(S) TO CATCH: How to Find Passion & Fulfill Your Purpose with Jay Shetty




OVERVIEW: Hosted by Omar Zenhom, this award-winning podcast has become a favorite among small (and growing) business owners and we can see why! The $100 MBA Show is matter-of-fact in its delivery, and offers practical business advice. The show features top business experts from varying industries who share real, raw, relatable lessons. Each episode is direct, focused and concise – making it easier to catch between zoom calls or while you’re multitasking as we all do.

TIME COMMITMENT: 10-20 minutes on average

EPISODE(S) TO CATCH: Q&A Wednesday: How do I pivot my business without upsetting current customers?




OVERVIEW: As quoted in a testimonial on Nerd Marketing’s site – and we couldn’t have said it better – “No BS, no fluff, valuable ecommerce info you can implement now.” If you own an ecommerce business, regardless of product or service category, this podcast is designed specifically for you. Topics discussed include everything you need to know about building sales, optimizing valuation, effective marketing collateral, productivity, etc.  Though the last podcast went Live in November 2019, all 41 episodes are still fully accessible and packed with useful nuggets of wisdom!

TIME COMMITMENT: 30 minutes on average

EPISODE(S) TO CATCH: Steps to Building a Million Dollar E-commerce Business (2 part)




OVERVIEW: Jenna Kutcher, founder and hostess of The Goal Digger Podcast, has quickly gained admiration from fellow SHE-E-Os around the country (over 25 million downloads to be exact). Her site, podcast, blog – basically everything she puts out in to the universe – is filled to the brim with tools to turn dreams into realities. Topics discussed include bulding and serving your email list, an effective elevator pitch, and the whys behind successful, intriguing content. Ms. Kutcher’s podcast is set up as a live-workshop and is designed to guide her listeners through smashing every goal!

TIME COMMITMENT: 30 minutes on average

EPISODE(S) TO CATCH: What It Means to Niche Down Your Journey and Live Into Your Work



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