6 Black Owned Brands to Shop, Now and Always

Cover Photo: Mateo New York


These last few months have left the world stunned and uncomfortable (in an eye opening, pivotal way). The Black Lives Matter Movement gained strength from people all around the world — the kind of unified momentum that should have been there from the start.

If you’ve felt uncomfortable or uncertain during this time, we’re with you. It’s a lot to process — but those feelings are a necessary part of growth. And while this revolution has begun small ripples of long overdue change, the work, the accountability, the consciousness within our hearts, homes and communities, the conversations and the drive to evolve all must go on.

Though just one of countless ways to participate in change, something our founder, Amy, and our team vow to continue doing (and should have done long ago) is to diversify our network of creators to follow and shop with. Highlighted below are some of the beautiful Black owned businesses we recently discovered in the fashion space. We have a feeling you’ll be hitting “add to cart” on repeat like us!


Oma the Label


Photo Credit: Oma the Label Site

New York Stylist, Neumi Anekhe, founded this gorgeous accessories and ready-to-wear brand with an intentional mission in mind – to diversify markets. She felt the fashion space was void of effortlessly-chic, yet affordable pieces for women of color, and so her brand was born.




Photo Credit: Cushnie Site

This luxury womenswear label is making waves in fashion retail – sold through 100 retailers around the globe! Owned by Carly Cushnie, the brand’s aesthetic is a beautiful balance of refinement, minimalism and femininity.  Latest news you ask? Cushnie recently launched an affordable line exclusively for Target, making the brand more accessible.


Jade Swim


Photo Credit: Jade Swim Site

#morethanminimal is Jade Swim’s mantra. This swim wear brand was founded by Brittany Kozerski, and offers transitional pieces that easily take one from the beach right in to a night out. This multifunctional brand is minimal, but goes far beyond basic, and is crafted with shape retention technology to hug the body with perfection. I already have a few styles in my cart – just having a tough time selecting! The pieces are that gorgeous.


TLZ LFemme


Photo Credit: TLZ LFemme Site

A celebrity favorite, TLZ LFemme is known for its ultra sultry, ultra chic pieces. Ciara, the Kardashians, Cardi B, to name a few have been spotted in the brand. Founder and designer, Aazhia Rhy, started the company in her early 20s (wow!), and describes it as “…more than clothing, but love and power from one woman to the next!” This is one designer I can’t wait to shop with, but beyond that, I’d LOVE to meet her! Talk about inspiring!


Everything RRouge


Melody Asherman, founder and designer, beautifully weaves her Liberian heritage into her custom gown collection, Everrything Rrouge. Each piece is a work of art – the bold colors, African prints, fabric and craftmanship are packed with empowerment and elegance! Not to brag, but I will because I’m so proud of her – I know Melody from our days in design school at Parsons, and I remember being in complete awe of her work back then! I knew she’d do big things… and here she is inspiring the world! Her brand has been featured in global fashion publications like Vogue Italia and just recently, on the Nasdaq big screen in the middle of Times Square!


Mateo New York


Photo Credit: https://mateonewyork.com/

Mateo New York’s beginnings in the luxury accessories realm started in men’s jewelry, “…pulling inspiration from the concept of a working man’s toolbox.” Founder and designer, Matthew Harris, quickly gained recognition within high societies and soon evolved the brand into a women’s fine jewelry label. Mateo New York is rooted in minimalism, simplicity and sophistication. Today, the brand can be shopped at high-end retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, among others. And in 2016, the first flagship store was opened in New York City.


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